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September 10, 2020

Imagination Station

More dreamspo for all of us. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the tools of the future are here for us right now. (Total dibs on the sofa situation!)

A Marriage Made in Magic

At a time when the fashion industry is facing deep uncertainty about their future, how incredibly fitting is it that Emilio Pucci – he of the sleek and colorful design heritage announces a joyful collaboration with Tomo Koizumi – the madcap mischief maker of last season. The two promise a capsule full of escapism, fantasy and fun. We can’t wait to twirl it out!


Diplo, the renowned master of the EDM world has recently released a new album, but this one looks to inspire inner peace, instead of rocking out your inner raver. Described by one reviewer like ‘a Benedictine monk had discovered electronica’, the work focuses on ambient sounds with an emphasis on chill. To further drive home the new direction, the artist has released 5 of the first tracks exclusively on the meditation app, Calm. A little less Molly, a little more mellow… perfect for 2020.

The Armchair Ornithologist

Human beings, at their very heart, yearn to explore. Even during a global pandemic. At least that was the reasoning behind the recent work from the Wild Rumpus, a group that produces outdoor art events, and an annual three day festival in England every summer. With the celebration cancelled, the group got together to brainstorm new ways of celebrating nature. They decided to ask their global community to submit one-minute sounds of nature — all in an effort to create the first Global Forest Sound map. “We listened to exotic forests in Hong Kong, lemurs in the forest in Madagascar, nightingales in Slovakia,” remarked Sarah Bird, one of the founders. “We realized that not only had it captured people’s imaginations, but at a time when we felt so isolated it was an amazing way to feel connected.” All these are now available to the public anytime, anywhere, with a further project expected from leading musicians to follow. (Maybe Diplo should get involved?) Beautiful and borderless.

Play with your Food

We’ve all been making a lot more of our meals this year, but have any of us turned our pizza into Picassos? Meet Japanese artist Manami Sasaki, the woman who is winning the lockdown with her newfound hobby: toast art. Sasaki shared with Vogue that she needed something to excite her about getting up in the morning, so she took to creating unique artistic homages via bread and condiments. Her work has garnered her a huge Instagram following, and no doubt some creative competition! ( Oh hey, Martha – we see you, boo!) A reminder that we can always make the everyday more special, and more beautiful.

High Hopes

We’ve all felt a bit ungainly this year- unsure of direction and with lots of false starts. This marvelous short film showcasing the struggles and mishaps insects make in their attempts at achieving flight should fill you with wonder and empathy. Despite the challenges, these creatures believe in their own power to soar. Captured by a dedicated scientist, the detail and slow motion vision of the process will have you mesmerized by the end.

How Much Can You Bench?

This year, the London Festival of Architecture reveals five new public benches in London designed by young architects and designers to encourage creativity, conversation and contemplation. The annual competition aims to showcase new design talent, and the benches encourage people to stop, observe and spend time thinking about the city in new ways. It’s an interesting twist to the hallowed competition, which once encouraged the complex. This year, the focus is on showcasing ways to highlight the reemergence of people into place, and to celebrate the fresh eyes we now bring to what once was pedestrian. Have a seat, and drink it all in.

Fashion Forward

How do you launch a fresh fashion campaign in 2020? With physicality being out of the question, Coperni, the French fashion group, decided to engage and uplift their youthful followers with a creative and interactive line reveal via Instagram. Have fashion show, half video game, their lively account teems with a series of interactive challenges, videos and photos, via a choose-your-own-adventure game called Copernize Your Life. Fresh, fun and always engaging, the brand is encouraging ownership of the line by inviting their audience to co-create shapes, designs and offerings. Smart. Modern. One to watch.
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