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May 23, 2019


Broken Medicine: Why are So Many Women Rejecting Medical Science?

Fascinating, deep and smart – this piece in Dame magazine on Women and
Alternative Medicine hits home. In an era of #metoo, is it any wonder that the wellness industry has clearly made its biggest inroads among women?(Oh hi, Goop!) Fueled by belittlement and a lack of serious research attention, women are looking outside Western Medicine for answers. According to new data from the Edelman Trust Barometer, only 53 percent of women trust the healthcare industry, compared to 69 percent of men. And this is important: in 2017 the “wellness” industry had a global worth of $4.2 trillion—a number that has been steadily growing every year and now represents 5.3 percent of all global economic output.

“Women are habitually mistreated, misdiagnosed, and not even included in medical research. As a booming “wellness” industry lures them with fast cures, many can’t resist the temptation.”


Beyond the Streets

The overwhelmingly incredible street art pop-up that owned Los Angeles last summer is coming for Brooklyn! Last year, this sensory smashing, first ever graffiti and street art retrospective broke MOCA LA’s attendance records with over 220,000 visitors. Now, in a dynamic follow up – the exhibit is making its way to the East Coast in a bold and brilliant second act. 

BEYOND THE STREETS is a premier art exhibition that celebrates some of the most influential street artists from around the world. This year’s space will cover over 100,000 square feet, taking place on two floors of Twenty Five Kent. Dubbed “Monumental Graffiti & Street Art Exhibition,” the gallery will be curated by Roger Gastman, an urban anthropologist who specializes in graffiti history. Graffiti and various forms of public self-expression will be the focus of this year’s works.

Featured artists include such names as Takashi MurakamiJean-Michel BasquiatFUTURAMark GonzalesCleon Peterson and Guerrilla Girls, to mention a few. Taking the form of immersive installations, pieces like Shepard Fairey‘s Facing The Giant: 3 Decades of Dissent, large-scale figures by Murakami, an expansive collection of Beastie Boys artifacts, a room of puppets made of trash by Paul INSECT and BAST, and even an operating tattoo parlor by Bert Krak & Alexis Ross will be highlighted. Films, lectures and performances will also be included in the exhibition.

Developed alongside adidas and Perrier, BEYOND THE STREETS New York will open its doors on June 21. Head over to the group’s website for tickets.



Interior Motives

Interior Motives – the first ever documentary exploring the interconnectedness of fashion and interior design – made its appearance this week during the IFS Film Festival in Los Angeles California.

The film has won BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT of the festival!

In her debut film, Natalie Shirinian, delves into the exclusive industries and prominent minds of today’s most influential figures in fashion and design as they candidly speak about why fashion and interior design need each other to thrive, why lifestyle design is important, and why people feel the need to curate their lives around tactile and material glamour. As we move from personal, wearable fashion into home design, the statements we are making are deeper and more personal. This film inspires us to create – and even demand – rich, provocative pieces to surround us in our homes, and to feed us on multiple levels. Find this film!! (Opening in art houses across he country during the summer of 2019)


Hidden Brain
Hidden Brain podcast

Hidden Brain Shankar Vedantam uses science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, shape our choices and direct our relationships. Each week, Shankar challenges how we think, and what we assume is true about human relationships and thought. Always smart, always provocative, and always an incredible lesson in why taking the time to really understand others is mission critical for anyone looking to do meaningful work today.


In honor of both the holiday weekend and are endless need to self soothe, we share one of our favorite Instagram accounts! Enter a kaleidoscopic world of shimmering, soft seaglass replete with both simplicity and salt-tinged memories of walks on the beach… enjoy

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