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February 6, 2020

Wakanda Forever!!

>Ready to unleash your own superhero? H&M is feeling you!! The retailer – known for its collabs with haute couture is turning to an imaginary universe this go ‘round for inspo! Enter Ruth Carter, the Oscar-winning costume designer for the Black Panther movie, to dream up a limited-edition ‘90’s streetwear collection. With an emphasis on being fierce and instilling pride, no doubt this is one line guaranteed to be super-fly!

White Space

The magic of reading lies in the magical opportunity the medium grants the reader to ‘color in’ the narrative. We get to imagine all of the characters, places, and spaces from our own perspectives and personal references. Barnes & Nobles hoped to tap into this free form alchemy with its latest campaign set to honor Black History Month. Their plan – to swap out the covers of classic tomes of literature with characters of color – sadly only served to highlight how many rich stories by multi-cultural authors are left unlauded. Their project literally projected light on a subject that demands a fresh look. A tough lesson, and one worth sharing this month, this year, this decade.

Have an Art

The Brazilian artist Mathiole once said, “Art speaks where words are unable to explain”. Perhaps that is why so many raw and beautiful murals have popped up around the buildings and streets of Los Angeles in the aftermath of Kobe Bryant’s passing. When something this senselessly tragic occurs, we seem to really need the succor of beauty and community. Street art has always served as the immediate language of the people – a call and response of how a collection of humans sharing space are really feeling. These murals speak of the gratitude and grief of the people of Los Angeles, and really, of the world. #Mambaforever

Luxury Lips

The beauty beats continues to move at a frantic pace. And amidst this sea of indy launches, the luxury fashion house, Hermes, has just made a surprising entry. The 183 year old fashion house has launched a luxe line of lipsticks and has announced plans to enter a new beauty category every six months. The gorgeous 24 shade collection is housed in luxurious leather cases, simply begging to be refilled. Far more affordable than their famed scarves, we predict these new smackers will become a gateway drug for a whole new generation of fashionistas.

When CEOs Sing…

They say when you are poor it’s just crazy, but when you’re rich, it’s eccentricity.
Next up, Elon Musk has hit the airways… Changing his name to E D M, the mogul has joined the music world with his latest track: Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe. Is it worth a listen? Well, Musk’s musical oeuvre has been streamed 2.6 million times in less than a week, making it the eighth most popular track on the Soundcloud charts. From electric SUVs to hot beats, maybe this is one guy who really knows what the people want? (Next up – Jack Dorsey? Zuck??)

Cones of Fame?

We’ve all had that moment – when we come across some poor bewildered pup trying to navigate that awkward, plastic ‘cone of shame’. Although created to protect the animal from himself while healing, our heart goes out to their collective humiliation. We feel yah, dude! Photographer and dog mom, Winnie Au, decided to take her sympathy one step further. Working with dogs and amazing artists, Au recreated the horrific wince-worthy plastic vessels into canine couture. Using gorgeous creations of shells, fringe, feathers and more, each unique piece was custom made to showcase the animal it encased. And the resulting whimsical photographs are now being sold as notecards via Kickstarter to raise money for several animal rescue organizations. (Talk about some Haute Dogs!!)

Fast Food but make it Fash-un!

What do a celebrity fashion line and a hot chicken sandwich have in common? Maybe more than just heat. The folks at Popeye’s certainly think so! After hearing from a number of fans about the similarities between Beyonce’s new Ivy Park drop, and the uniforms worn by their own employees, the team decided to get into the game. Their new online shop: That Look from Popeyes’ – has started selling merchandise and clothing based on their store uniforms. So far, it would seem that their fans are eating it up. Folks are posting and posing with their looks, and even the non-fashion set is feeling fresh! To paraphrase the genius minds at Popeye’s: If you call it fashion, well, hell, its fashion!

5 star Date?

Ok. So, Jeff Bezos theoretically owns our wallet, and knows our innermost secrets, including all the things we order online because we are too embarrassed to buy them in person. (Disturbing thought -amIright?) But does he own our hearts? The logic is certainly there! So when a parody of Amazon Prime as a dating site started making the rounds, it’s understandable how many thought that maybe – it was for real. From unique and profound profiles, to subversively hysterical ratings, this bit of humor shows us how romantic life might be if we simply crowd sourced love. With Facebook working on a dating app as we speak, who knows – we might all just be Prime for the picking this Valentine’s Day.

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