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Teenage Wasteland

Teenage Wasteland

#BringBackOurGirls. Remember that one?? Salma Hayek, Michele Obama… it was front page news and a global scandal. Girls had been robbed of their right to an education, and it seemed even possibly to even life itself. Over 200 girls stolen from us –we were outraged. We...

Breaking Away: The Secret Secession of American Cities

Breaking Away: The Secret Secession of American Cities

I have El Paso on my mind. I think we all do. A small city, barely 600,000 in population, snugged up against the US/Mexican border. One fact jumped out at me when I googled it today. Wikipedia speaks of El Paso as one of three cities intertwined in a tight and deeply...

This is one of the worst-best days of my life

– Noah Ryan Murphy, creator of Omae Wa Mou


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